Bit Block Summit
AI + Web3
Exploring New Horizons: AI & Web3 Transformations
Date : June 1 • NYC
The Altman Building, 135 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011
BitBlock Summit (BBS.NYC), which is held twice a year worldwide, gather the world's top AI & Web3.0 leaders from the industry, government authorities, scientists, investors, and related organizations. This year, the main theme is "AI & Web 3.0 ", aimed to explore the cutting-edge of Web3.0 technologies and investment hotspots. It is expected to have around 800 participants from all over the world. The topics covered include zero-knowledge proof (zk), digital wallets, distributed science (DeSci), DeFi, SocialFi, cryptocurrency payments and the combination of AI and Web3.0.
2023-06-01 08:00:00
AI & Blockchain Summit
2023-06-02 09:00:00
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  • Hsueh-Yung Benjamin Koo0Hsueh-Yung Benjamin Koo

    Science Advisor of the Government of Indonesia Ph.D. MIT, AI Expert

  • Peter David1Peter David

    Representative of Grenada Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Grenada

  • Michael E. McGuire2Michael E. McGuire

    Lecturer in Entrepreneurship - Columbia University - Founder Ivy Entrepreneurs - Board of Advisors Codos Foundation - Former Co-Founder & CEO / Chairman of Symbridge

  • Brian Johnson3Brian Johnson

    Senior Director of Republic Capital

  • William Reynoir4William Reynoir

    NEAR Foundation

  • Dato' Sri Eddie Chong5Dato' Sri Eddie Chong

    Founder of Dcoreum

  • Max (Chong) Li6Max (Chong) Li

    Founder & CEO at Oort; Faculty at Columbia University

  • Fakhul Miah7Fakhul Miah

    Elastos Head of Growth Ex-VP of Morgan Stanley

  • Daniel Long8Daniel Long

    Head of Business Development at Chainge Games Studio

  • Chris Pereira9Chris Pereira

    CEO, North American Ecosystem Institute

  • Dr. Yu Jianing (George)10Dr. Yu Jianing (George)

    The President of Uweb (University of Web3)

  • Dana Degenius11Dana Degenius

    Innovation @ Solana Foundation

  • Alvin Liu12Alvin Liu

    Founder of Demonwar

  •  Mustafa Yilham13 Mustafa Yilham

    General Partner @ Bixin Ventures

  • Richard Vuu14Richard Vuu

    Chief revenue officer of transwap

  • Bradly Richmond15Bradly Richmond

    COO / Co head of investment banking

  • Kenny16Kenny

    Co-founder of Manta Network

  • Kuba Szewczyk17Kuba Szewczyk

    Strategy & Product at ConsenSys NFT

  • Luke Xiao18Luke Xiao

    Offchain Labs Partnerships Manager

  • Xiaojian Wang19Xiaojian Wang

    GD Culture CEO

  • Phillip Liu20Phillip Liu

    Founding Team at Ava Labs

  • Kaitlin Theobald21Kaitlin Theobald

    Business Development Manager of Alchemy Pay

  • Arnaud Hightower22Arnaud Hightower

    BD Manager Ambrus Studio

  • Troy Zhou23Troy Zhou

    Senior BD Manager of OKX

  • Victor Ji24Victor Ji

    Co-founder of Manta Network

  • Map Shen25Map Shen

    Head of Platform at CertiK

  • Leo Fan26Leo Fan

    Cofounder of Cysic

  • Manav Aggarwal27Manav Aggarwal

    Protocol Engineer from Celestia

  • Dr. Michael Fischer28Dr. Michael Fischer


  • Suki Yang29Suki Yang

    Crypto Quant

  • Mark Lurie30Mark Lurie

    CEO & Co-founder of Shipyard Software

  • Victoria F.31Victoria F.

    VP of BD @BitMart

  • Liz Martinis32Liz Martinis

    Data Product at Flipside Crypto

  • Josh Fraser33Josh Fraser

    Co-founder at Origin Protocol

  • Mehmet Burak Dogan34Mehmet Burak Dogan

    Opulous Ambassador & Blockchain Solution Architect

  • Elena Solovyov35Elena Solovyov

    Head of Communications at Zebec

  • Sanjay Raghavan36Sanjay Raghavan

    VP of Roofstock

  • Roman Giler37Roman Giler

    Co-Founder Savvy DeFi

  • Phil Kelly38Phil Kelly

    Head of Business Development, O(1) Labs.

  • Kelly Sopher39Kelly Sopher

    Chief of Staff at Iron Fish

  • Susan Feng40Susan Feng

    Editor in Chief @Bitpush News

  • Pat Kearney41Pat Kearney

    Head of Growth at thirdweb

  • Nick M.42Nick M.

    Investor at Figment Capital

  • Rui43Rui

    Investor SevenX Ventures

  • Shoumik Dabir44Shoumik Dabir

    Crypto Analyst at BlueYard Capital

  • Seth Ginns45Seth Ginns

    Managing Partner and Head of Liquid Investments at CoinFund

  • Patrick Workman46Patrick Workman

    Growth & Partnerships at Unlock

  • Daniel Kiani47Daniel Kiani

    CEO @ NoRamp

  • Graham Ferguson48Graham Ferguson

    Growth @ Sei Labs

  • Calvin Du49Calvin Du


  • Bruno B. Ferrari Faviero50Bruno B. Ferrari Faviero

    Co-founder and CEO @Magna

  • Veronica Buron51Veronica Buron

    BD @ Eclipse

  • Chuci Qin52Chuci Qin

    Co-founder of YummyNinja

  • Kelsey McGuire53Kelsey McGuire

    CGO Shardeum

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